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Helpful Health Resources on the Darling Downs

A list of local and national Health organisations that can assist you.

Community Services Information

Community organisations that maybe of assistance to you.

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Qld Government
For activities in your area visit the Staying connected in your community page, or phone the Seniors Enquiry Line on 1300 135 500.

Loneliness and social isolation can affect everyone, but older people are particularly vulnerable after the loss of friends and family, reduced mobility or reduced income. We (State Govt.) fund a range of programs, available across Queensland, to help you reduce your risk of isolation, improve your health, and strengthen your links with your community.

Qld Government
The Seniors Enquiry Line provides Queensland seniors and their family, friends and carers with access to information on a wide range of topics including concessions, social activities, household assistance, retirement accommodation, financial and legal matters, health, education and transport. (Source: Qld Government Website)

Community Connections Phase 3 Report

Since 2001 TOMNET has aimed to develop, implement and expand effective responses to reduce suicide amongst older men in regional, rural and remote locations throughout Toowoomba and South West Queensland.

The Community Connections Project Phase 3 has continued to develop and tailor services against three key organisation principles:

Older men are the most effective at supporting one another.

The element of mateship is integral to the relationships that older men have with each other.

Suicide prevention and awareness in older men must address the social determinates of health and wellbeing whilst promoting a culture of connectedness.

The purpose of the Community Connections Phase 3 Project was to continue to respond to and address the needs of older men who are one of the key groups vulnerable to high levels of suicide.

LIFE Fact Sheets provide plain language summaries of key issues and suggest further sources of information and help.

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LIFE is for Everyone Factsheets

The fact sheets cover:

  • 1-9: facts about suicide and suicide prevention
  • 10-14: designing and implementing prevention activities
  • 15: working with communities
  • 16-20: information on some at risk groups
  • 21-23: warning signs and responding to individuals
  • 24: how to respond to your own suicidal thoughts

(Courtesy of LIFE is for Everyone Website)

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