Here are the results from the recent Member survey you were sent. The survey was sent to 35 Members, 22 responded.

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“Q1. How often do you engage with TOMNET? (eg meetings, phone call)”

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“Q2. What activities do you engage in at TOMNET?”


“Q3. In what ways do you receive information from TOMNET?”


“Q4. Have you accessed information from TOMNET staff in any way (e.g. Mental Health support, myagedcare, general information, a chat etc)”


“Q5. How satisfied were you with the quality, promptness, and ability for TOMNET staff to provide accurate and timely information to you?”


“Q6. Do you agree with this statement - “TOMNET is a valuable source of information for older men.” (guest speakers, newsletter, workshops, general information etc)”


“Q7. Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve our communication with you?”


“Q8. Do you Volunteer with TOMNET?”


“Q9. In relation to Volunteering, are there any barriers to Volunteering with TOMNET, and if so, how could we help remove those barriers to meet your needs?”



1. Transport – need to rely on others

2. no barriers

3. No

4. Nil

5. Do not know of any

6. Mobility and physical

“Q10. How satisfied are you with the work of TOMNET supporting older men in the community?”

“Q11. How much do you agree with this statement "I would recommend TOMNET to others"

“Q12. If you disagreed with the previous question - How can we improve in order for you to recommend TOMNET?”

“Q13. Do you have any suggestions on future activities or opportunities TOMNET Members might be interested in that align with “older men supporting older men””

“Q14. Any other suggestions you would like to share?”